Every day, we have 24 hours to live our lives. Besides 8 hours of sleeping, how do we utilize the rest of our times? Are we indeed living in the reminding period of time or not? How many of us are clearly conscious of our each in and out breath? How many of us realize the importance of each breath? What will happen if we can breathe in without breathing out?

In addition, how’s about our daily regimen? How many of us are being aware of the sort of food products that we are intake to nurture our body and mind every day? Although nowadays we have plenty selections of food & drink, fruit & vegetables for our daily diet and many kind of medicine & remedy from non-western to western medicament as well as there are many brilliant doctors and pharmacists, but many of us tend to carry more serious and malignant diseases than ever; have you ever questioned why and find out the answer to this question?

How do we shall live in order to have healthy and disengaged life and improved result for our practice? If you have not had the opportunity to ask yourselves or still cannot find out the answers to those questions, we would like to invite you to attend our sharing sessions. Whether it is healthy or sick, happiness or suffering is all set within your reach.

Not just our hope but also our goal is to help you to master your life into a wholesome being. We believe “better individuals make better world”; therefore, you are not just able to transform yourself but also make a great contribution in building well-being families, prosperous country, and world peace when you do get a part of our sharing and sincerely apply it into your life.

May you always be plenty of health, joy, and disengaged.
On behalf of teaching staffs

Ven. True Heart