Chương trình tu học 2019



Date Place Contact
01/01-02/08 Meditation retreats in India [email protected]
02/09-02/19 India-Nepal Pilgrimage
02/20-03/02 Myanmar Pilgrimage   16/1 AL
03/03-03/11 Bhutan Pilgrimage     27/1 AL
03/13-03/24 Meditation retreats in India-DHAMMA SUDHA  
04/24/2019 FLY TO JAPAN  
03/25-03/29 Tokyo, Japan [email protected]
03/30-03/31 Day of Mindfulness in Hamamatsu, Japan [email protected]
04/01-04/05 Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji-Kobe, Japan [email protected]
04/06-04/08 Vesak’s Retreat in Dai Nam Temple, Himeji, Japan [email protected]
04/10/2019 FLY TO PARIS  
04/14-04/20 Retreat in L’Abbaye Saint Frix, France [email protected]
04/21-04/25 Retreat in Linh Sơn International, Rancon, France [email protected]
04/26-04/29 Retreat in Phổ Hiền Temple, Strasbourg, France [email protected]
05/01-05/05 Retreat in Nhân Hòa Temple, Poland [email protected]
05/06-05/11 Retreat in Koblenz-Vallendar, Germany [email protected]
05/12-05/16 Retreat in Tu viện Tuệ Quang, Czech Republic [email protected]
05/17-05/21 Retreat in Phổ Đà Temple, Berlin, Germany [email protected]
05/22-05/26 Linh Phong Temple, Lausanne, Switzerland [email protected]
05/28-06/02 Retreat in NPĐ HORNI JIRCANY, Prague, Czech [email protected]
06/03-06/07 Retreat in Tuệ Giác Temple, Budapest, Hungary [email protected]
06/08-06/11 Retreat in Phúc Lâm Temple, Postdam, Germany [email protected]
06/12-06/16 Retreat in ĐT An Vui, Aalen, Germany [email protected]
06/17-06/23 Retreat in Jana Babaka 5, 616 00 Brno, Kralovo, Czech [email protected]
06/24/2019 FLY TO AMERICA  
06/26-06/30 Retreat in An Lac Temple, Indianapolis, IN, USA [email protected]
07/01-07/07 Retreat in Thánh Thất Cao Đài, Santa Ana, CA, USA [email protected]
07/08-07/11 Day of Mindfulness in Houston, TX, USA [email protected]
07/12-07/16 Bodhi Youth Camp in Kim Cang, Lithonia, GA, USA [email protected]
07/17-07/21 Retreat in Huệ Đăng Meditattion Center, SC, USA [email protected]
07/22-07/28 Retreat in Thiện Đức Center, VA, USA [email protected]
07/29-08/06 Retreat in Linh Sơn Temple, Belmont, MI, USA [email protected]
08/07-08/12 Retreat in Linh Sơn Temple, Montreal, Quebéc, Canada [email protected]
08/13-08/18 Summer Camp for Bodhi Youth of Minnesota, MN, USA [email protected]
08/19-08/25 Retreat in Sacred Falls Intl. Meditation Center, HI, USA [email protected]
08/26-09/01 BoDe Tree Meditation Center, HI, US (25/8=25/7AL-Vesak) [email protected]
09/02-09/08 Retreat in NPD Fremont, Fremont, CA, USA [email protected]
09/09-09/14 Retreat in ĐT Liên Hoa, Sacramento, CA, USA [email protected]
09/15-09/19 Retreat in Roseville, Minnesota, USA [email protected]
09/20-09/23 Special Noble Silence Retreat for TNV, Wrightwood, CA [email protected]
09/23-09/29 Retreat in Thánh Thất Cao Đài, OC, CA, USA [email protected]
10/01-12/31 Long Noble Silence Meditation Retreat TX-APL 19 Apr