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Author: Tran Ly

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INSTRUCTIONS for BODY-MIND TRANSFORMATION RETREAT 1- Wake up at 5AM, take 50mL of Laxative Juice (light Brown color) then drink more 2-3 cups of KANGEN water (or warm drinking water), 2- Between 7-9AM (breakfast time), take out 1 cup of Yellow juice and sit down upright, relaxing and mindfully chew sip by sip in about 20 minutes, 3-...

WHY DO WE GET MALIGNANT or CHRONIC DISEASES? Nowadays we are having many chronic diseases. These diseases happen not only to the elderly, but also to the middle-aged and even to the young people. They range from extremely painful, incurable cancers to the commonly widespread like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and even to the...

TAKE HOME MESSAGES 1.  Changing our schedule to be harmonize with the universal rhythm and body circadian rhythm 2.  Waking up early (4-5AM) and go to bed early (9-10PM) 3.  Having positive thinking when waking up and throughout the day 4.  Taking a glass of warm water with lime juice or apple cider vinegar after waking up & at...