Body And Mind Purification



Nourishment & Healing - Breakfast Day 1
Lecture - Morning Day 1
Nourishment & Healing - Lunch Day 1
Lecture - Afternoon Day 1
Nourishment & Healing - Breakfast Day 2
Lecture - Morning Day 2
Nourishment & Healing - Lunch Day 2
Lecture - Afternoon Day 2
Nourishment & Healing - Breakfast Day 3
Nourishment & Healing - Lunch Day 3
Nourishment & Healing - Breakfast Day 4
Nourishment & Healing - Lunch Day 4
Exercise - TTK
Oil Mixture Usage Instructions


Application in the Body-Mind purification process.

Observe objectively your normal, natural breath.

Positive attitude shift and though adjustment, placebo effect 35-50%.

Living more in the evening, after the sunset too much.

Are toxins really that harmful?

Contact information and Reference resources

Mixture formulas

Each day each person needs about 1L of fruits/vegetables juice and...

Changing our schedule to be harmonize with the universe rhythm and body circadian rhythm.

Early morning, just wake up and still laying on bed.

Nowadays, we are having too much chronic diseases. These diseases happen not only to the elderly, but also to the middle aged and even to the young people.

Kidney, liver, gallbladder cleansing and chronic diseases healing.

When taking the red juice mixture or yellow mixture with chia seeds...

Do not kill or harm any living beings.

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